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Kangaroo Pita Chips ®

Style: Baked All Natural, various bag sizes

Variety: Sea Salt, Garlic Herb, Zesty Cheddar, Mutli-Grain Garden Herb, Salt n' Pepper, Multi-Grain Sea Salt

What can you do with a pita chip? You can dip 'em in hummus or salsa, or any other dip. You can munch 'em right out of the bag. You can top 'em with gooey melted cheese and other tasty stuff. You can crunch 'em in soups and salads or you can share'em with friends and family. These baked, all-natural chips are heart-healthy, making snacking guilt free. Kangaroo Pita Chips contain 40% less fat and 25% less sodium than other brands.

Kangaroo Pita Chips - Kangaroo Pita Chips ®
Kangaroo Pita Chips - Garlic Herb Chips
Kangaroo Pita Chips - Multigrain Garden Herb Chips
Kangaroo Pita Chips - Multigrain Sea Salt Chips
Kangaroo Pita Chips - Salt And Pepper Chips


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