What is the history of pita bread?

The history of pita has many versions documented in literature and online (Wikipedia).

You will learn a few facts here. For one, pita bread is one of the oldest recipes known. Also, Mediterranean countries were first to develop it and continue to use it as a food-scooping utensil.

The word Pita is a generic term for round, flat bread. It originated from the Greek word Pitta, which is defined as thin, flat layers. Later on, it was adopted by the Romans and used as a crust for pizza.

In the 1970s, Pita bread was made famous in the U.S. by adding the pocket. Kangaroo Brands, Inc. was the first company to pre-slice pita bread and the only company to offer pre-opened Pocket Bread, which was granted a U.S. Federal Patent in 2003.


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